Reporting Cycles

Reporting Cycles is our biggest new feature, and it's the first feature that we're opening up for superuser beta testing. 

To try out Reporting Cycles before it's launched:

1) Watch Kate's video for an overview and some background on the feature.

2) Go to (with your site's subdomain in the blank space, like Changes made here do not impact your live site, so feel free to play around!

3) Try out each part of Reporting Cycles:

Please let us know if you find any bugs or incorrect reporting cycle assignments on your beta site, and let us know what you think about Reporting Cycles!

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How would you like feedback on the Reporting Cycles submitted? Here on the forum or via email?

Thanks for asking, Chris. If it's general feedback on the functionality overall or questions about how it works, here is great. If it's something that might be specific to one of your site's cycles, activities, etc., go ahead and email or open a ticket on it so we can review it in more detail.

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