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Disaggregated Targets

One of the features we have planned for this year is to support setting targets per disaggregation. Right now, you can only set overall targets for the indicator site-wide ("program" targets) or targets specific to an activity. But we know that in many cases, the targets you or your donors care about are much more granular, and we'd like to support that.

Disaggregated Targets might include things like:

  • Setting targets per geographic disaggregation (such as per district, per province, per country)
  • Setting targets specific to any disaggregation assigned to the indicator (e.g. Male vs. Female)

This is pretty easy for us to do with Actuals, because we simply enforce exactly the defined geographic disaggregation and any additional disaggregations.

But our sense from talking with many clients is that targets are often set at a less granular level. So, for example, you might collect actuals that are disaggregated by gender for individual clinics or facilities, but your targets are assigned per district (and may or may not be disaggregated by gender).

We'd like your input on what you need the ability to do with targets. Specifically:
  • Do you have geographically disaggregated targets?
  • If so, is it the same geographic disaggregation level as your actuals, or is it higher? (e.g. your actuals are collected per district but your targets are set per country)
  • Are your targets ever set separately for other disaggregations? (e.g. male vs. female; child vs. adult; etc.)
  • Are your targets always set with the same disaggregations? Or do they vary over time?
  • Are your targets set at the exact same level of disaggregation as your actuals?
  • Are your targets set with the same frequency as your actuals? (e.g. if you record actuals quarterly, are your targets set quarterly or are they set annually?)
  • Can you direct us to examples in your own site of indicators that you need to be able to assign disaggregated targets for, and what those disaggregations look like? We'd love to have some actual use cases to work through.
Any other ideas, input, or suggestions are welcome, of course. We suspect that designing an interface for this that meets everyone's needs will be challenging, but we want to be sure we fully understand what you most need from us!

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